The story of us

We are a close team of chefs, entrepreneurs, and writers based all over The United States.

How it all began

Ghost Kitchens are new. Like VERY new. So in order to learn about the industry that surrounds ghost kitchens, I started Ghost Kitchen Authority. An online publication revolving around online food marketing, delivery-only model, etc.

I have talked to and interviewed many owners and operators of various businesses within the food industry and am sharing everything I learn here to help YOU.

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Once I realized that Covid wasn't going away I knew I had to learn about Ghost Kitchens

- Rachel Field
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Aim for the future

Delivery Only Restaurants aren't a very futuristic concept.

It's the infrastructure that modern ghost kitchens are using to advance and increase growth.

Checkout our free guides and reviews on different softwares, platforms, packaging solutions, etc.

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Ghost Kitchens are here to stay

The vaccine may be here sooner than we anticipate, but that doesn't mean people are going to stop ordering delivery.

Make sure your business is ready for the new changes and transitions into the next phase of human history.